If you need a website or graphic design, you're at to the right place.

As a web developer with over two decades of experience, I help people turn their ideas into outstanding websites: business owners who need brand-new websites, or major improvements to existing ones entrepreneurs who want online stores with secure e-commerce, nonprofit organizations that need websites for raising money and building online communities, authors or artists who want websites for promoting their new books or art.  I develop new websites, online databases, and virtual shopping carts, using the latest web technologies.  If you are looking for an Internet connection, follow this link for Back Country Internet


To begin your project:

Domain Name: where your website will be found on the Web. Web Hosting: Deciding where you're going to put your website. Plan, Design, and Build the Website: Don't neglect the planning. Marketing and Promotion: Once your site is built and it's live, you want people to come visit it. Metrics and Analytics: to know how well your site is doing you need to set up analytics to track the pageviews and visitors. Maintain Your Site: The best sites on the Web change frequently and are kept up-to-date. If you're planning a website for your business you should factor in the cost of having at least one person who adds new content at least weekly and fixes problems as they are found.


Web & Social Media Presence

What’s the most important piece of your on-line presence? Your website and social media of course. Website: with our intentions in mind, we can begin to explore specific elements of a strong presence. How to keep people engaged? Blog or Newsletter: Getting traffic for your email list means you no longer have to wait for them to come to you, you can go to them. Social Media: When you’re building an online presence, the most important aspect is your website. It’s your hub and your first impression. Are you using the right elements to maximize your website’s effectiveness? Social Media done right can help you connect with and contact those within your core community.

the true flare to put it all together is the artwork